The Mining And Energy Union Podcast

May 2020

Episode Summary

Our May episode kicks off with Coronavirus - what else? It’s changed how we all work - from staggered shift starts to cleaning down equipment to ditching carpooling - but some proposed solutions, like 21 days on, 7 days off rosters have been shown the door. At 3.11 Queensland District President Stephen Smyth calls out ‘hot seat changing’ & ‘hot bedding’. At 6.50 FIFO Pilbara locomotive driver Paul Bloxsom opens up about the pain of leaving his family for 3 months. At 9.15 Industry Health & Safety Inspector Stephen Luck talks about the reality of doing night shift and coming home to a house full of self isolating family, At 12.33 National Research Director Peter Colley analyses the falling coal price and stable employment numbers At 14.27 Hunter Valley shotfirer Kerry Konieczny explains how she got decent breastfeeding facilities for working mums at her pit. At 16.44 National President Tony Maher discusses FIFO’s ‘Black Swan’ event.